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Friday, 2 September 2011

Todays Reading - White Tara

Today’s card is from the Goddess Guidance Oracle by Doreen Virtue. The illustration is by Sue Halstenberg.

White Tara.

White Tara is one aspect of the Hindu Goddess Tara. She is the aspect that deals with purity of body and soul, maturity, compassion and physical and mental healings. Her help is slower and gentler than Green Tara, who is known for her speedy responses. White Tara slowly emerges in your life and holds you gently while she heals.

Her message to us today concerns sensitivity. She asks that we look at all the levels of sensitivity in our lives. Let’s begin with the physical body. I am sure you all know someone, even yourself that has some sensitivity to food, chemicals or other substances. This sensitivity shows as an allergy, IBS, a change in personality, overly increased energy levels, headaches and depression. Even if you have none of these things you may know that certain things do not sit too well with you and so you have learnt to avoid them. But there are times when we don’t listen to our body’s insistent calls. We over indulge in alcohol, smoke, take drugs for recreational purposes or at times to escape. Many of us over eat, and have diets high in fats and sugars. You cannot do these things and expect no reaction. Even if it takes years your body will pay for the times when you haven’t treated it with the respect it deserves. On a wider scale the whole Earth pays. Think on that. How does your consumption of any substance, be it natural or chemical affect the planet?

We are also becoming increasingly sensitive emotionally and mentally. Stress figures in everybody’s life these days, and although some stress is healthy, the types of stress that we feel threaten our survival are not. Over working and sticking to a job we hate so we can make ends meet financially causes massive stress. Many people feel they have to live up to certain standards to fit into society. Anytime that you cannot express who you really are, you put yourself under stress. There are many mental illnesses, addictions, emotional problems, phobias that are caused by stress, as well as physical ailments. You can see how the physical abuse that we subject our body to relates here too. Everything is connected.

White Tara represents the ultimate pure truth. She asks you to stop ignoring your body’s messages. Find help, take action, ask for White Tara’s help and support. There is no need for us to put ourselves through this constant attack on ourselves. It becomes a vicious circle and now is the time to break that circle. You will be surprised at the differences you will notice in yourself and your perception of the world around you.
There is another area I feel the need to discuss. Spiritual sensitivity is becoming heightened across society these days. More and more people are becoming aware of other dimensions and how we fit into the bigger picture. Some are doing this in an openly esoteric or spiritual manner, others through more practical measures. It all amounts to the same thing. Change is happening around us, in our universe, on our planet and within ourselves. A giant shift in consciousness is occurring and awareness of this shift is tugging at our inner being. White Tara is here to help us develop that sensitivity. Just be open to receiving her help, ask her to help you make the right food and drink choices. Ask her to help you listen to your soul’s voice and you will start to be a part of the shift in a way that will bring you balance, harmony and happiness as well as the pleasure of security.

Make a choice today to look at your life and see how you mentally and physically abuse yourself every day. You wouldn’t do that to your children or anyone else you love. So why are you doing it to you?

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