Friday, 30 September 2011

Todays reading - Remember Who You Are

Today’s card is from The Archangel Oracle by Doreen Virtue. The illustration is by Marius Michael George.
Remember Who You Are – Archangel Michael

What a powerful message this card gives to us. Just say those words over a couple of times and see what emotions come up. It feels to me as if Archangel Michael is beaming his blue light through all the layers of who I am to the original spirit that stands behind me and is my true essence. The first time I got this card in a reading I felt a physical jolt that really made me stop and think.

Most of us search for who we are all through our adult life. Who are we, what are we doing here, what is our purpose? Questions, questions. But we actually DO know who we are. We have just wrapped ourselves in that many layers that we can’t find our way back again to that core being that was born in new human form knowing everything! Think now about how many times you have hidden who you really are because of a relationship with someone, not just a romantic one, but any sort of relationship. How many times have you wrapped a new layer of personality over the old, made yourself in a new image until you have now forgotten who the true I is? A few years ago I wrote this poem as I was going through a bit of an identity crisis. It is simply called I.

How do I interpret who I am?
Do I analyse the multifaceted edges of my person?
Do I piece together my life story,
Looking for the missing details of my journey?
Do I ask my friends, acquaintances,
Loved ones, for their version of me?
How do I see the real me?

Is there anything on the surface that can be called me?
The tones of light and dark that colour my perceptions
Are not who I am at the deepest level of my existence.
They are the jester, deceiver, a cloak of rich disguises,
A weave of many threads of undetermined colour and intensity
Never making up their mind as to which pattern is I.

I have so many cloaks in my wardrobe of the self,
So many and yet
Not one that is the true colour of I.

I will burn them all in the fires of my discontent
Until I lie as ashes at my feet,
Without disguise, without deception.

I feel the deep gratitude of relief
As I stand unfettered in my freedom
As I open my eyes, not to interpretation,
But to the source.

So today stop and think. Unravel all the strands and follow them back, and then back again. Ask Archangel Michael to help you to remember who you really are. Once you find the source of you, you can relight the inner flame and show the world that underneath all the layers there is the most wonderful, loving and beautiful person that you have ever met!

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Thursday, 29 September 2011

Todays reading - Rainbow

Today’s card is from Earth Magic oracle cards by Dr. Steven Farmer. The illustration is by Linda Moreland.

Rainbow - Blessings

The painting on this card holds so much promise, don’t you think? I have stared at it for ages this morning and felt that wonderful feeling of childlike wonder I always feel when I see a magical coloured band of light stretching across the sky. Rainbows make me smile and remind me that nature is truly magical and abundant, and when we stop and think about it our life is really filled with so many blessings and not the many negative stress related problems we create in our minds.

 Stare at the image now and note how it makes you feel. Capture that essence of childhood that is still there within you and try and keep it at the forefront of your thoughts and feelings today. So you have a problem? Ok weigh it down with all your blessings. Problems are just stepping stones to a calm, peaceful and abundant life. They could even be called blessings themselves. 

Think of something that you have tackled recently, no matter how small. Recall how it made you feel at the time, and the sense of relief when you had sorted it out. Think of what you learnt from it, even if all you learnt was that a problem solved brings relief and a sense of power and freedom. That, in fact is a massive thing to learn! It is surely a blessing in disguise! Now look at your current problems, no matter how big they seem, and remember that rainbows can even straddle mountains! 

A problem is only a problem because you view it in that way. Lets down size it. See your problem in front of you and turn it into an obstacle or hurdle. Say those words a few times and see what images occur. For me the image is a fence. I KNOW I can climb a fence. It may be hard work but it certainly isn’t surmountable, even if it has barbed wire along the top! I’ll just take some cutters with me and, snip, I’m over the top and out the other side. On the way I learnt how to climb that sort of fence, so that’s another notch on my achievement wall! 

Rainbow’s hold the promise of tomorrow, our dreams, abundance and freedom from stress. So remember that tomorrow will never come, there is only ever today so make the most of now and enjoy doing it!

 Remember that dreams CAN become reality. Make your wish now and send it skidding and sliding along the rainbow to the other side. See it landing and becoming a great big pot of shining golden light, happiness and abundance. And then sit down and work out how to get to it. If you can see it, you can reach it! 

Remember that abundance is everywhere around you. At present I have an abundance of birds singing to me, and an abundance of light shining through my window, an abundance of ideas to write and enact, and an abundance of loving people around me. To create material abundance you must first learn the meaning of the word in its entirety and that means acknowledging where it is already present in your life. 

And please remember that stress is a state of mind, something we put ourselves through unnecessarily, usually by viewing our problems instead of our blessings! Breathe deeply, stare at the rainbow and release all that stress into the atmosphere and let the chains be replaced with a sense of energy and freedom. 

Now go outside and start chasing rainbows!

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Friday, 23 September 2011

Todays Reading - Milky Way

Today’s card is from Earth Magic oracle cards by Dr. Steven Farmer. The illustration is by Garret Moore.

Milky Way - Perspective

Sometimes life gets stressful and we lose all perspective of who and where we are.  This brings a whirl of worries and imagined issues that make us even more stressed and help continue the cycle. The spiral can often end in depression. 

Our stress minds constantly bombard us with new things to worry about. It is like an infection that spreads and we cannot tell which way is up. At times like these we need to step back and give ourselves a different perspective on the situation. 

Try this now. Write down all the things that you are currently worried about. As you write each one down try and see if you can feel where in your body this worry is stored. Write that down too. Once you have your list, close your eyes and breathe deeply for at least 6 breaths. As you do this feel yourself relax. Now visualise yourself stepping back from the piece of paper with all those worries on. Feel the lightness of your body now. Relax your mind and breathe a sigh of relief. Stay in this state for as long as you can, feeling yourself floating further and further away from the list. When you feel ready slowly open your eyes and breathe deeply for three breaths as you come back to reality. Now, one at a time, go through your list and look at each worry. If you felt anything in your body when you thought about this the first time, see if it is still there. If it is, place both hands over the spot and imagine the heat from your hands dissolving the feeling away, and say ‘soften and flow’. Feel it softening until there is no more feeling. If the feeling goes to another part of your body, follow it and repeat the exercise until it has flowed out of your body completely. Now look at the worry again from your new perspective. Is it really a worry? Is it really something you can’t handle? Can you think of a way to rid yourself of it? Be creative! Repeat these steps for each worry on your list and then burn the list and feel the worries detach themselves and float away.

Gaining a fresh perspective on our lives in general is a good way to keep ourselves on track. Once a week step back from your life into a peaceful place. Allow yourself some time to relax. Then view your life from this distance and see what needs changing, releasing or creating. This exercise can be very empowering indeed!

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Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Todays Reading - Ishtar

Today’s card is from the Goddess Guidance Oracle by Doreen Virtue. The illustration is by Jonathon Earl Bowser.
Ishtar - Boundaries

The Goddess Ishtar is the Assyrian and Babylonian goddess of fertility, love, war, and sex. She is often portrayed as an aggressive and fickle lover and was the courtesan of the Gods. Is she really that way or did she offer women power and control of their own bodies, feelings and rights. After all, a man who goes around wooing and having sex with many is seen in a positive light. As someone who is happy and confident in her divine sexual feminine energy Ishtar seems to be a threat to ancient MANkind! 

This is still very true today. Women have so many mixed messages of how or who they should be that it can be bewildering! You should be a nurturing, giving, loving mother, a hardworking, aggressive, successful, business woman, a forgiving, dutiful, beautiful partner, an exciting, sexy lover and a practical down to earth diy expert! Add to that the skills we are supposed to possess, cooking, sewing, teaching, cleaning, psychotherapist and healer etc, it is easy to see why women have a hard time knowing who they are! Nothing against you men by the way with this comment. Men have their own issues and difficulties, but Ishtar is a female goddess who challenges the way women should look at themselves. If we take a moment to drop all the perceptions of who a woman is, and as women, step into our body and take notice of how we feel, how we look, our emotions and how they affect us, our connection to the moon and how she affects our energy, we begin to make a journey towards finding ourselves. The biggest problem that most women have is that they don’t love themselves. They love their partners and husbands, their children, parents, friends and pets, but they forget to love themselves. Men, you are the same in this way. Even those men who preen around carrying their ego’s in a way that says they are god’s gift to women, don’t love themselves. If they did there would be no need for such a display. Men are just as insecure as women.

Ishtar’s message today, to both sexes, is to love yourself enough to step into your body and become aware of who you really are. Not who anyone else wants you to be. Be aware of what you want, what your needs are and don’t feel guilty or selfish about it. Write down all the things that are missing from your life and how that makes you feel. Ishtar was seen as a fickle, demanding, sex goddess because she wasn’t afraid to be brutally honest with herself. She was herself and no one else. She acted as her emotions dictated, she got sad, angry, fell in love, fell out of love and she was never ashamed of it. She was just Ishtar, pure and simple!

Myths regarding gods and goddesses are there to teach us. They ask you to stop and think and not take the words literally. The reason that Ishtar, for example, is portrayed as showing extremes of feminine feelings and actions is because she wants you to notice her and consider her message. She is larger than life so that you will notice and take notice!

Look at who you REALLY are. Shift into your truth. Set your boundaries. And most of all love yourself, because if you can’t do that how will anyone else see and appreciate you for the wonderful and unique YOU that you are?

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Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Todays Reading - Prioritize

Today’s card is from the Archangel Oracle by Doreen Virtue. The illustration is by Marius Michael – George.

Prioritize – Archangel Metatron.

Metatron, like Sandalphon was once a human man who ascended to heaven. On Earth he was the scribe Enoch and he continues working as a scribe and record keeper. He will help you organise and prioritise your life.

Is life unorganised, hectic and rushed? Do you get to the end of the day and collapse on the sofa with a sigh of relief and wonder where the hours went? Do you find yourself being resentful of your life and those around you because you never get the time to do the things YOU would like to do?
Many of us feel this way, but with a little fore thought we can make time to do the things that fulfil our life’s purpose, the things that make us feel good. When you collapse at the end of the day, instead of turning on the TV, spend half an hour or more on yourself. Read a book, write a paragraph, start a drawing or painting, compose a song, research an interest, do something that will make your heart happy. I can hear voices now telling me that they don’t have the energy at that point in the day. Well my response is, just try and at the end of half an hour see how much better your energy levels are! 

Life is stressful. The reason we collapse into a heap at the end of the day is because we are full to the brim with that stress. Our energy is low because our energy is so blocked with stress that it cannot flow. And this builds up each day. If you can do something, even for a short space of time, that makes your heart happy some of those blockages will start to soften and begin to flow again. You will relax, but instead of being exhausted you will feel refreshed, your outlook will be better, your relationships with others will improve, you won’t snarl at the kids!

Metatron can help unblock your chakras. Call upon him to get your energy flowing again, and then make time each day to do something that fills you with joy. Once you have forced yourself to do this a couple of times, you will start to notice an improvement, and WANT to do it again!

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