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Monday, 12 September 2011

Todays Reading - Betony

Today’s card is from the Druid Plant Oracle by Philip and Stephanie Carr- Gomm. The illustration is by Will Worthington.


Soothing Discord, Dispelling Negativity, Protection

The card shows Wood Betony, which according to Pliny was the best type of this plant to use in herbal medicine. Betony was a bit of a super plant, an All Heal, with a great many properties, including antiseptic, antispasmodic and anti bacterial. It can be found worldwide.

A few weeks ago this card came up in reverse. Now it has righted itself and its message is slightly different.
Betony was known as Woundwort as it had the ability to heal wounds and staunch bleeding. It was also believed that it protected the soul and the body from negative energies. 

The card asks us today what wounds we have that need healing, or what wounds have we caused to others that we need to begin to heal.

Within our psyche we all have something that needs healing. Life throws things at us that hurt, physically, emotionally or psychologically, and we often hold on to those hurts. When we think of them we cringe away from the pain and send them back to the far recesses of our minds. This is not healthy. Pain needs healing, needs dealing with. If you can take a few moments today, get yourself a notepad and pen and take a good honest look inside yourself. Find all those painful memories that you don’t want to dwell on and jot them down. Dig as deep as you can. You may be surprised how many there are! Next make yourself read through them all. Are any connected? If so draw a line between them. Is there a theme running through them that gives you a clue as to why you may have got these wounds in the first place? Write it down. Next read through each item and allow yourself to feel the wound. Imagine laying your hands over the pain to stop the bleeding. The bleeding was all the negativity leaving you. See it as an actually wound if you like and see the edges knitting together under your hands. Now that the negativity had bled away and the wound has closed breathe deeply and feel love, calm and peace in its place. See no wound at all, not even a scar. Know that what has gone, can never return. The past is over, today is a new day. Gradually work through the whole of your list in this way and then burn the piece of paper saying thank you for all the lessons you have learnt. As the smoke rises from the paper see it as the last remnants of the negative feelings leaving you and becoming universal energy for someone else to work with.

Some of the items on your list may be there because of guilt. You may feel bad because you know you caused someone else pain. Remember that there are always two people involved in any conflict and both sides will have learnt from that conflict. Take what you have learnt and remind yourself that the other person will have learnt too. If it makes you feel better to apologise then do so, if not or if it isn’t possible because of time and distance, then forgive yourself and let it go along with all the other things on the paper. You cannot undo what is done, but most things are done for a reason, and often there are lessons involved. So let it go and go forward knowing that you will never repeat the same thing again.

We all have protection from higher spirits. We just don’t all connect with that part of us, and so feel fearful that life is coming to bite us. Life teaches us, it doesn’t try to damage us, we do that to ourselves. Ask your guardian spirit, favourite angel, God or Goddess to be with you. Ask them for protection and to open your eyes to the lessons sent to you so that you can see the opportunities for growth within them rather than the opportunity to clam up, hideaway and stunt your whole self.

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