Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Todays Reading - Crane

Today’s card is from the Druid Animal Oracle by Philip and Stephanie Carr- Gomm with illustration by Will Worthington.

Secret Knowledge- Patience- Longevity

Ah the Crane! This bird has become one of my power animals and it’s amazing how often I see references to it. I even had a strange dream about three years ago concerning two black Cranes that were sitting together at the side of my pond. They were a male and female and were positioned together in such a way that, like the Crane’s legs in this picture, they formed the Ogham letter Muinn. Their eyes were a violet blue, the same colour as a being that used to come to me in meditation, who I later discerned was my guardian angel. They were full of wisdom. In the dream they did nothing but stand and look at me. It was like they were silently instilling me with knowledge, although subconsciously. 

Like Muinn in the Ogham, the Crane is a symbol of secret and arcane knowledge. The Crane can stand for hours waiting for a fish, looking into the still waters. She can concentrate without distraction, giving her full focus to the task in hand. The Crane has been associated with death in many cultures around the world. She is the psychopomp who guides the soul to the otherworld. The Crane stands at the gateway to both worlds and so lends us her psychic gift of seeing beyond. She has also been associated with the Goddess as Crone, which gives rise to her symbolising Longevity.
But how does all of this relate to the message for today? The Crane has come to offer us her wisdom. We know that we are living in a time of great change. In our personal lives many of us feel unsettled, at a point of crux or are simply going through stressful circumstances. On a global level the same is happening. Nature is causing destruction as the planet’s energies shift and change; countries are evolving through chaos and war into something new and hopefully better. Economies are struggling and it is becoming clearer and clearer that we need to rethink the way in which we live our lives completely. Everyone is affected by this massive shift. It seems to be lasting a long time. We can trace its build up, but we have no idea how much longer it will continue. 

The Crane advises patience. She advises perseverance in our efforts to flow with this change and not dam the waters by refusing to accept it. She asks us to look beyond what we see, look deeply within ourselves, because the only way to come out the other side is to go through. The Crane can guide our soul on its journeys into our own inner realms, which in reality are part of the vast realms of the web that we all form a part of. She will not give you answers, but will guide you to the places where the answers lie. All the answers you ever need are within you. You know what to do and how to do it. You know what is for the best. You know how to love. You know how to belong. You know because you are connected to everything. How could you not know?

Listen with your inner ear. See with your inner eyes. Speak from the place of wisdom inside you and share the words with others, even if you don’t fully comprehend what you are saying. You have a gift. Everyone has a gift. It is buried deep in the sandy bottom of the lake. Can you see it twinkling in the light of the full moon? It is elusive, but as long as you know it is there you will find it. Just persevere, have patience and know.

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Thursday, 25 August 2011

Working with the Wildwood Tarot

I use the Wildwood Tarot on a daily basis and I thought I would share a short reading that I did for myself and show you a way to use this pack to find a solution.

I started by asking the question, ‘What part of my personality is holding me back?’ I decided to draw just one card. The card was The Moon on Water.

This instantly gave me an answer. My emotions. I am a very emotional person, in that I tend to work through them rather than my logical, thinking mind. I think this helps my empathy with others and my sensitivity as well as my intuitive side. But at the same time it can cloud my thoughts and stop me seeing clearly. Within this card is an image of the primordial egg under the water, as well as the three cranes. The Crane is one of my animal guides and symbolises intuition and esoteric pursuits as well as being a guide on the journey to the Otherworld. My question was asked in the context of new life on the material as well as the spiritual plane. I am at a phase where I feel an urge to discover higher planes, and delve deeper into the spiritual side of my life. I feel I am at a transitionary period at present. I have been waiting for loose ends to tie up as well as releasing old parts of myself that are no longer needed. I can feel the beginnings of new life at my outstretched finger tips but as yet I cannot grasp it. I wanted to know if I was holding myself back or whether circumstances were more to blame. The egg in this picture is showing me the new life that is available, but it is still submerged under the waters of my emotions. There is more to release and balance to be found before it will come about.

Next I asked ‘What can I do to help myself overcome this?’ The card I received made me smile as it has been turning up a lot for me lately. It was the 9 of Bows – Respect.

I felt this card was telling me to accept that this obstacle stands before me and accept that part of myself that is creating it. It is telling me to respect my emotional side, but also to confront the problems it can cause me once and for all. This is the final challenge before new life comes about. I have to confront it to reach my goal. In my head I heard, ‘Make friends with the Wildman blocking your path’. I stared at the picture for a while before closing my eyes and putting myself in the wood with the Wodwose in front of me. I actually jumped when I saw him in this context as he looked so fierce. Yet I wasn’t physically scared of him. I felt he was there to teach rather than harm. I reached a hand towards him, but he jumped back and brandished his bow and arrow at me, so instead I reached into my pocket and brought out a sandwich (no idea where it came from!). It was filled with golden honey and I offered it to him as I sat down in the path and took out another sandwich for me. My intention was to sit and eat with him. As he slowly and tentatively took the sandwich he turned into a woman dressed all in green who glowed with an inner light that slightly masked the features of her face. But I could tell she was smiling. She stood aside and gestured that the way was now clear for me to proceed. I was filled with a wave of awe, respect and joy. I felt very humbled, yet ready to carry on my quest. I opened my eyes and smiled! Within me I have felt a blockage between my solar plexus and heart chakras. This blockage was rising. I sat a little longer breathing deeply and focused on the blockage. It rose through the throat chakra and the third eye chakra and was released with a tingling sensation through the crown chakra.

So who was the woman? I felt she was the Green Woman but she seemed more of a Goddess than the one in this deck of cards. She had an aspect of the Green woman, but was more than that. She encompassed both my physical, creativity and my spiritual creativity. Perhaps she was my own vision of the Green Woman of the Wild Woods! For me she symbolised a creative blockage removed, as well as a nurturing of my inner self. A healing, understanding of the blockages that I create myself, and a way to dissolve them.

I also found the numbers of these cards interesting. The Moon on Water is 18 which is double 9, The Respect card. Nine is the number of completion. 1 + 8 is 9. Perhaps this symbolises completion on a physical and spiritual level, and the beginnings of a new journey. However you add these numbers together you get 9.
1+8=9; 9+9= 18; 1+8+9=18; 1+8=9 and so on!

Since this experience two days ago I have felt happier, more grounded and ideas have been coming to me again. But more than that, I have had faith that all will be well. I have found it easy to live in the present moment and not allow worries to creep in.

So when using these Tarot cards, or even when you have had a reading from me or others, try using a simple visual meditation to enter the picture and see what happens. What happened to me was totally unexpected. And that made it even more wonderful and more healing.

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Todays Reading - Passion

Today’s card is from the Archangel Oracle by Doreen Virtue. The illustration is by Anne Yvonne Gilbert.

Passion – Archangel Haniel.

"In these days there is a need for people who are prepared to stand up and say “This is what I believe in: This is what I find works”, even at the risk of feeling foolish, and even if what you say goes against what is regarded as conventional truths or wisdom. Throughout history there are always forerunners; those who have perhaps brought ridicule upon themselves for their strange concepts and new ideas. But in the end those new ideas have been accepted as truth, and believed, understood and accepted by others as a consequence. And that is also what we need today - more people prepared to stand up for their truths and to be counted and who are prepared to make a difference in the world as she moves forwards toward the end-times." Channelled from Haniel on http://www.innerlightworkers.co.uk

Everyone of us has a passion for something but not many of us get the chance to follow up on that passion. Take a moment and look at your career. Are you doing something that you are passionate about or are you just making money to live? Do you know anyone who has a job that they are passionate about and truly love doing? These people have a radiance about them, even when tired. Money isn’t a struggle because it isn’t the first thing on their mind when considering their work. They have an energy that is infectious and draws people to them. Wouldn’t you like to be that way? What is your passion and can you make it into your career? Even if, for now you can’t figure out how to make it happen, spend time today focusing on your passion and start the ideas flowing that could one day see you getting up for work with a spring in your step and a smile on your face, before the alarm clock has a chance to go off!

Haniel also works with us in our relationships. Perhaps you have been feeling a renewed passion in your relationship or have found someone new entering your life. Or perhaps your relationship feels a little stale and you are wondering where the passion went! Either way look to what it is about your relationship that makes your heart sing and skip a beat. Then focus on this feeling and plan how you can bring it back into your life or experience it more often. 

This card is really beautiful with its strong vibrant colours. You can see the passion in it. Staring at this card can bring you the energy to bring more passion into your life. Give it a go today and see what ideas start to form that excite and motivate you into action.

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Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Todays Reading -Frog

Today’s card is from the Druid Animal Oracle by Philip and Stephanie Carr- Gomm with illustration by Will Worthington.


This is one of my favourite cards in this deck. There are so many little points of symbolism in the picture. The frog spawn in the water shows new life forming in a womb like environment. As humans we also need water to develop from foetus to baby. Frog spawn was once considered a powerful medicine for inflammatory diseases and rheumatism. Frogs themselves have been used to heal ailments throughout history. Also in the picture there is Cranberry, itself a healing plant and toadstools. Notice the willow leaves coming into the top of the picture, an indication of the emotional context of this card. The frog connects water and earth as it needs both to live. Water is the element of our emotions, while Earth represents our physical manifestation of life. 

The message from Frog today is how do your emotions manifest in the physical world?

We may think we hide our emotions but in fact we send out many signals concerning our emotional state constantly! It might be in the way we speak, the way we walk or the look on our face! It might be more subtle, in the way we dress, the colours we like to have around us, the music we listen to.
There are times when emotions can in fact over whelm our physical life. Many times it is the negative ones that seem to have this power. Other people around us pick up on our emotional state and intensify it. Here is an example. You are feeling depressed, life is hard work. Your clothing is black, grey or a subdued shade of colour. You walk slowly each step is a struggle. Your face is blank, your eyes dull. You sigh a lot, without realising you are doing it. The tone of your voice is wistful, quiet and subdued. People around you know there is something wrong. They will speak more quietly to you; their movements will be slow and gentle. They will become serious, even if they had been happy. They will project your state back onto you. This keeps you in a negative bubble.

On the other hand it’s your birthday. You are at a party. You are dressed in bright beautiful clothes. You smile and talk a lot. Your actions are quick and fluid. You feel loved because your state is projected back onto you by those who are picking up on your happy emotions. 

We tend to become so used to a certain emotional state that we hardly notice it any more. It becomes our life. Today take time to NOTICE your actions, voice and facial expressions, the colours you wear, and see if you can focus in on the emotions you are feeling. If they are positive all is good! Keep them that way! If they are negative then dig a little deeper. What is causing the problem? Perhaps it’s just a perpetual cycle that you are subconsciously carrying. If this is the case then think about how your emotions are manifesting and change them! Wear something bright or something that makes you feel wonderful. Try and walk faster. Smile at yourself in the mirror and then smile at everyone you meet. Speak louder. People want to hear what you have to say! Small steps make a big difference and can start to turn your life around.

The Frog also bears a long standing message that we are all aware of. Underneath an unattractive exterior lies love, treasure and riches you would never have guessed at. Life may seem hard at present but perhaps that is because you haven’t kissed the frog, accepted it and manifested your prince.

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Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Todays Reading - Gentleness

Today’s card is from the Archangel Oracle by Doreen Virtue. The illustration is by Eileen Poldersman

Gentleness – Archangel Sandalphon

Archangel Sandalphon is the angel associated with music. Like Metatron he once walked the Earth as a man and so is closely connected to the Earth and to the divine realms.

Today’s message reminds you that at times you need to be gentle with yourselves. After yesterday’s burst of energy from Aine, this card is asking you to sit back for a little while now and watch how your thoughts or actions that you set in motion, start to unfold. Sandalphon reminds you that seeds need a little time to start growing, and at this time you can enjoy the watching and delay any decision making until you know how they look and feel once they emerge from the Earth.

Relax today. Play gentle music that allows your mind to wander lazily through scenes of beauty. Keep your breathing and your actions flowing and rhythmical. Speak in soft tones and let peace be the order of the day. Imagine a turquoise sea of lapping waves and let it’s gentle, rhythmical music wash over you, relaxing your muscles, relaxing your mind.

When you feel relaxed ask yourself in what way you need to be gentler with yourself. Don’t think too hard, just let thoughts, visions and feelings wash over you with the waves. Most of us are too hard on ourselves. Which areas of your life and parts of your personality do you need to befriend? Invite them in to the ocean with you and apologise for your harshness. Then let the waves wash away any feelings of conflict.

Hold the intention today of being gentle in your thoughts and actions towards yourself and others. You may be surprised to find that there are many situations where your natural reaction to something or someone is harsher than you intend. Focus today on washing your waves of gentleness over the situation and see how different things turn out.

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Monday, 15 August 2011

Todays Reading - Aine

Today’s card is from the Goddess Guidance Oracle by Doreen Virtue. The illustration is by Ruth Sanderson.

 Áine was a goddess of the Celtic peoples and later in christian times she became known as a fairy queen.  There is an ancient cairn and three small ring barrows known as Mullach an Triuir on the summit of Cnoc Áine which is near Knockainy village in Co. Limerick.  She was revered up until the 19th century when men and women brought large torches of hay up to the summit of Cnoc Áine where they circled the ring barrows anti-clockwise before going down again and sprinkling the ashes of the torches over their fields and livestock.*

Aine is a Goddess full of vitality and fertility. She is asking us today to really think about what makes our heart sing. Think about your desires, what you want from life. Which one of your desires fills you with joy when you think of it? Don’t feel guilty or ashamed of your desires and passions. You are letting no one but yourself down if you do not listen to your soul’s urgings. Aine is saying that now is the time to stop procrastinating about your dreams. She is giving you a fairy kick up the backside and shouting at you to take a risk! Make that leap of faith today!

Most people struggle with doing something for themselves. They feel that it is selfish and that their time should be taken up helping others. But if you take time to bring your passion into your life you help others in so many ways! Sharing something you love gives you an aura of positive energy, love and joy that is infectious. Even someone who is being negative about the time you spend on your dream will find it hard to be angry when they see how it affects you. Skeptics and naysayers may still offer their advice for awhile. It is your right to ignore them! Aine is reminding you today that if you do what is in your heart and manifest your soul’s purpose, then the world will become a better place for you and everyone around you!

Indecision can be a nightmare. We think we know what we want to do, but perhaps we are wrong. Perhaps we are only doing something that strokes our ego rather than something that is our real purpose in life. After all, taking time out to devote to your passion is a little indulgent isn’t it? Aine doesn’t want to hear your excuses! She is telling you that doing something, anything, that goes towards making you happy is better than doing nothing at all. Even if you are not sure what direction you should take she asks that you at least make a step forward today. Do anything that makes you happy with the intent to find your soul’s purpose. Ask for Aine’s help in your quest. She is waiting.

She reminds you today to have faith and trust in who you are. The universe will always support your dreams. You are here to be happy and balanced, not sad, depressed and scared. Today is the time to go for it. Make it your mission to step out into the fresh air of your heart’s desire and fly on the feelings of joy this brings.

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*Taken from http://www.shee-eire.com