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Thursday, 25 August 2011

Todays Reading - Passion

Today’s card is from the Archangel Oracle by Doreen Virtue. The illustration is by Anne Yvonne Gilbert.

Passion – Archangel Haniel.

"In these days there is a need for people who are prepared to stand up and say “This is what I believe in: This is what I find works”, even at the risk of feeling foolish, and even if what you say goes against what is regarded as conventional truths or wisdom. Throughout history there are always forerunners; those who have perhaps brought ridicule upon themselves for their strange concepts and new ideas. But in the end those new ideas have been accepted as truth, and believed, understood and accepted by others as a consequence. And that is also what we need today - more people prepared to stand up for their truths and to be counted and who are prepared to make a difference in the world as she moves forwards toward the end-times." Channelled from Haniel on

Everyone of us has a passion for something but not many of us get the chance to follow up on that passion. Take a moment and look at your career. Are you doing something that you are passionate about or are you just making money to live? Do you know anyone who has a job that they are passionate about and truly love doing? These people have a radiance about them, even when tired. Money isn’t a struggle because it isn’t the first thing on their mind when considering their work. They have an energy that is infectious and draws people to them. Wouldn’t you like to be that way? What is your passion and can you make it into your career? Even if, for now you can’t figure out how to make it happen, spend time today focusing on your passion and start the ideas flowing that could one day see you getting up for work with a spring in your step and a smile on your face, before the alarm clock has a chance to go off!

Haniel also works with us in our relationships. Perhaps you have been feeling a renewed passion in your relationship or have found someone new entering your life. Or perhaps your relationship feels a little stale and you are wondering where the passion went! Either way look to what it is about your relationship that makes your heart sing and skip a beat. Then focus on this feeling and plan how you can bring it back into your life or experience it more often. 

This card is really beautiful with its strong vibrant colours. You can see the passion in it. Staring at this card can bring you the energy to bring more passion into your life. Give it a go today and see what ideas start to form that excite and motivate you into action.

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