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Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Todays Reading -Frog

Today’s card is from the Druid Animal Oracle by Philip and Stephanie Carr- Gomm with illustration by Will Worthington.


This is one of my favourite cards in this deck. There are so many little points of symbolism in the picture. The frog spawn in the water shows new life forming in a womb like environment. As humans we also need water to develop from foetus to baby. Frog spawn was once considered a powerful medicine for inflammatory diseases and rheumatism. Frogs themselves have been used to heal ailments throughout history. Also in the picture there is Cranberry, itself a healing plant and toadstools. Notice the willow leaves coming into the top of the picture, an indication of the emotional context of this card. The frog connects water and earth as it needs both to live. Water is the element of our emotions, while Earth represents our physical manifestation of life. 

The message from Frog today is how do your emotions manifest in the physical world?

We may think we hide our emotions but in fact we send out many signals concerning our emotional state constantly! It might be in the way we speak, the way we walk or the look on our face! It might be more subtle, in the way we dress, the colours we like to have around us, the music we listen to.
There are times when emotions can in fact over whelm our physical life. Many times it is the negative ones that seem to have this power. Other people around us pick up on our emotional state and intensify it. Here is an example. You are feeling depressed, life is hard work. Your clothing is black, grey or a subdued shade of colour. You walk slowly each step is a struggle. Your face is blank, your eyes dull. You sigh a lot, without realising you are doing it. The tone of your voice is wistful, quiet and subdued. People around you know there is something wrong. They will speak more quietly to you; their movements will be slow and gentle. They will become serious, even if they had been happy. They will project your state back onto you. This keeps you in a negative bubble.

On the other hand it’s your birthday. You are at a party. You are dressed in bright beautiful clothes. You smile and talk a lot. Your actions are quick and fluid. You feel loved because your state is projected back onto you by those who are picking up on your happy emotions. 

We tend to become so used to a certain emotional state that we hardly notice it any more. It becomes our life. Today take time to NOTICE your actions, voice and facial expressions, the colours you wear, and see if you can focus in on the emotions you are feeling. If they are positive all is good! Keep them that way! If they are negative then dig a little deeper. What is causing the problem? Perhaps it’s just a perpetual cycle that you are subconsciously carrying. If this is the case then think about how your emotions are manifesting and change them! Wear something bright or something that makes you feel wonderful. Try and walk faster. Smile at yourself in the mirror and then smile at everyone you meet. Speak louder. People want to hear what you have to say! Small steps make a big difference and can start to turn your life around.

The Frog also bears a long standing message that we are all aware of. Underneath an unattractive exterior lies love, treasure and riches you would never have guessed at. Life may seem hard at present but perhaps that is because you haven’t kissed the frog, accepted it and manifested your prince.

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