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Friday, 5 August 2011

Todays Reading - Healing

Today’s card is from the Wildwood Tarot by Mark Ryan and John Matthews with illustration by Will Worthington.

7 of Stones – Healing

I love the tranquillity of this card. The landscape is barren and wintery; the sun is setting in the sky and all these signs point to a time of rest and recuperation. Winter is the time when we look inwards on our spiritual journey, search for answers to the new questions that have come up in our lives, but in a soft, mulling of ideas way, rather than a full on quest. Winter, with its short days leaves us time to rest in front of the fire, lick our wounds and heal tired cold bodies.

The image in this card that immediately grabs my attention is the Green Woman, a persona close to my own heart. I love her gentle vitality and energy and obvious confidence that she brings to the scene. Confidence in her own powers and the outcome, which is healing of the man on the floor in front of her. Look at the stones that ring them. They may be offering shelter and protection while the healing occurs, but they are also leaning inwards as if drawn to the energy in the circle. They look like they are listening. But what are they listening to? Or are they lending their power to the healing with their deep, solid, ancient strength?

The fact that this scene is occurring on a hill is also significant to me. Notice that they are halfway up the hill. This signifies that with rest and recuperation and time for healing you will not decline further. You are at a balancing point with your health. Now is the time to take the steps to heal so that you don’t go further downhill.

So what message does this card offer us for today? We all have some part of us that is in need of healing. It may not be physical; it may be emotional or psychological or even on a soul level. Now is the time to be aware of where we need healing and to take steps to do something about it before the balance tips the wrong way. Once you start going downhill the momentum will pick up and you will get to a point where you can no longer take steps to initiate the healing you need. The journey back up the hill will be tougher, longer and more dangerous.

You may read this and think, I know I need healing, but I’m not sure why, or how it should happen or what I need healing from? The card holds a big clue as to how to begin the healing process. The Green woman can be seen as Mother Nature in her protective, nurturing, life giving form. Get yourself out into nature this weekend. Sit for a while and see if answers start to flow. If not you will still return home feeling better on many levels. 

This weekend, rest is vital, give yourself a break and take time off from any routine. If possible book a holiday or just plan when you can get out into nature again, and where to go. This weekend is a time for healing yourself. Once you are healed and balanced again, then you can help heal those around you, or the relationships that need healing. But as usual the way forward has to start with you.

Heal yourself and then heal others.

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