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Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Todays Reading - Bull in reverse

Today’s card is from the Druid Animal Oracle by Philip and Stephanie Carr- Gomm with illustration by Will Worthington.

Bull in Reverse.

The Bull is related to the God Taranis and can bring us a life full of abundance and expansiveness. The Bull symbolises wealth. What we need to bear in mind is that wealth starts in the heart and soul. Abundance is a way of seeing the world. If we view the world as a place full of love and happiness and see all the opportunities and benefits these bring we have a happy full life. If we view the world as one of lack, then no matter what we have it will never be enough.

The bull today is in reverse showing his negative traits. This bull is charging and rampaging around, shouting about his rights and what he is lacking. He wants others to provide for this lack and make it better as he has no motivation to provide it for himself. He is knocking over people’s possessions, perhaps not really noticing the destruction he has caused as he is so caught up in his madness. Does this sound familiar?

Here in the UK we have rioting on the streets. It began after a small peaceful demonstration relating to a police shooting. This then escalated into wanton destruction and violence and spread outwards through London and now into other cities. These people are the bull in reverse. They only see lack in their lives. This lack fuels their anger. They see others ransacking stores and gaining material possessions and think that they will do the same. They won’t conquer their lack any other way. No one will give them what they need so instead they will take it.

The police are struggling; the rest of the nation is appalled and glued to the media which is fuelling the whole problem. People are becoming angrier as they watch the scenes on the news. All that angry energy is like spears in the hide of the Bull. It is fuelling his madness.

Unfortunately telling these people that the way to experience less lack in their lives is to be responsible for their own thought processes, to look at the world through fresh eyes, to ignore the negativity that has come down through generations that says that someone else should be responsible for your happiness, is not going to work.

Globally we live in times of change and destruction on a grand scale. The bull is angry and hurting. He thinks he is misunderstood and is going to shout loudly and rampage until everyone has heard and given him what he wants. There are times when this negativity turns into a positive like the uprisings against unjust regimes, but here in the UK this problem is always simmering away, waiting for the time to erupt.

But we shouldn’t give up. The upright Bull is a marvellous creature full of abundance and beneficence. For anyone out there who is interested in sorting out the mess humanity has got itself into in the ‘civilised’ world in particular, it is times like these when focus and intention on love and peace help. If, instead of watching the scenes on the TV and feeling the negativity of all that is taking place, you instead switch off the set or the internet and spend time finding the peace within yourself, and then project this feeling of peace out into the world, you will make a difference. If enough people do this all the time, no matter what is going on in the world, it will make a difference. Positive energies manifest positive change. They bring about positive ideas that help others to heal. Instead of thinking of life on a personal level and how everything affects us and those closest to us, we need to start remembering that we are all connected. We are all part of that universal web of energy and if one person creates a positive ripple, it will spread. Try not to focus on how long it will take as it may take lifetimes. That doesn’t matter. Your grandchildren will benefit from all those ripples that start with you at the centre. And that is a positive step.

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