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Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Todays Reading - Crane

Today’s card is from the Druid Animal Oracle by Philip and Stephanie Carr- Gomm with illustration by Will Worthington.

Secret Knowledge- Patience- Longevity

Ah the Crane! This bird has become one of my power animals and it’s amazing how often I see references to it. I even had a strange dream about three years ago concerning two black Cranes that were sitting together at the side of my pond. They were a male and female and were positioned together in such a way that, like the Crane’s legs in this picture, they formed the Ogham letter Muinn. Their eyes were a violet blue, the same colour as a being that used to come to me in meditation, who I later discerned was my guardian angel. They were full of wisdom. In the dream they did nothing but stand and look at me. It was like they were silently instilling me with knowledge, although subconsciously. 

Like Muinn in the Ogham, the Crane is a symbol of secret and arcane knowledge. The Crane can stand for hours waiting for a fish, looking into the still waters. She can concentrate without distraction, giving her full focus to the task in hand. The Crane has been associated with death in many cultures around the world. She is the psychopomp who guides the soul to the otherworld. The Crane stands at the gateway to both worlds and so lends us her psychic gift of seeing beyond. She has also been associated with the Goddess as Crone, which gives rise to her symbolising Longevity.
But how does all of this relate to the message for today? The Crane has come to offer us her wisdom. We know that we are living in a time of great change. In our personal lives many of us feel unsettled, at a point of crux or are simply going through stressful circumstances. On a global level the same is happening. Nature is causing destruction as the planet’s energies shift and change; countries are evolving through chaos and war into something new and hopefully better. Economies are struggling and it is becoming clearer and clearer that we need to rethink the way in which we live our lives completely. Everyone is affected by this massive shift. It seems to be lasting a long time. We can trace its build up, but we have no idea how much longer it will continue. 

The Crane advises patience. She advises perseverance in our efforts to flow with this change and not dam the waters by refusing to accept it. She asks us to look beyond what we see, look deeply within ourselves, because the only way to come out the other side is to go through. The Crane can guide our soul on its journeys into our own inner realms, which in reality are part of the vast realms of the web that we all form a part of. She will not give you answers, but will guide you to the places where the answers lie. All the answers you ever need are within you. You know what to do and how to do it. You know what is for the best. You know how to love. You know how to belong. You know because you are connected to everything. How could you not know?

Listen with your inner ear. See with your inner eyes. Speak from the place of wisdom inside you and share the words with others, even if you don’t fully comprehend what you are saying. You have a gift. Everyone has a gift. It is buried deep in the sandy bottom of the lake. Can you see it twinkling in the light of the full moon? It is elusive, but as long as you know it is there you will find it. Just persevere, have patience and know.

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