Friday, 29 July 2011

Todays Reading - Isolt

Today’s card is from the Goddess Guidance Oracle by Doreen Virtue with illustration by Elizabeth Kyle.

Undying Love

Isolt may be more familiar to people as part of the love triangle in Celtic myth between herself, Tristan and King Mark of Cornwall a retelling of which can be found here:

But Isolt is also an energy that we can view as a Goddess. She is of help to us in relationships, especially where there is some conflict, separation or an ending. Isolt reminds us of the love that was once shared. Love is an eternal bond, and even when it seems to have disappeared from our life, leaving us hurting, sad and lonely we can feel and remember its power. 

There are many times when relationships end that we feel lost and cold because love has left us. We need time to heal and it is important to allow the grief to come out so that it doesn’t fester and grow into hate or resentment inside. We spend time with people in our lives and learn many lessons about ourselves and others. When the lessons are learned the soul knows it is time to move on, but on the physical plane we suffer. Healing is helped if we can try to remember that the memories of a loved one are with us always, so really we never lose that love as we have it in our hearts to reach for. The key here is to remember with love and not with hate. Directing hate and hurt at the memory, blackens it and causes us more pain in the future. Being thankful that we have known love, and then letting that love out into the universe to be shared by others, helps the healing process.

Isolt reminds us today of the love we have for people we have lost through death. That love has not ended. It is eternal and always there for you. 

Are you in a relationship that at present is going through a tough time? If so remember that the love you have is strong, it hasn’t gone, it is just being masked behind misunderstandings. Isolt asks that you remember that your perspective is not the only one. She encourages you to open your heart and look at your partners issue from their side of the relationship, from their personal perspective, and then show love and understanding, rather than carrying on with the problem. If compassion can be used from one side, then the other side will eventually offer it too. Be the one that begins the healing.

Isolt’s sad story is a triangle of love. The number three is an important number. Isolt will provide you with help and guidance in your quest for healing in relationship, and it will often come in three’s so watch out for words, pictures or feelings that recur 3 times or more, and then follow her advice. Remember that it takes two people to create the energy of love in a relationship. See yourself and your partner standing side by side with golden light spilling from your hearts. See that light merging into a new and beautiful rainbow of colour that surrounds you on all sides at all levels, enclosing you in a bubble of your own making. A bubble of healing love and compassion.

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Thursday, 28 July 2011

Todays Reading - Sarasvati

Todays reading is from the Goddess Guidance Oracle by Doreen Virtue. The illustration is by Sue Halstenberg.

Sarasvati is the wife of Brahma and the Goddess of the arts. She helps us with all types of creative expression and prizes knowledge, learning and creativity above all else. Her name means ‘the one who gives the essence of our own self’.

Sarasvati reminds us that the pursuit of wealth alone will not make us happy. Happiness stems from joy, and joy comes from the inside first. To feel true happiness we must live our lives true to our own nature and be able to express who we are eloquently and comfortably. Creative expression comes in many forms, writing, speaking, singing, dancing, drawing and painting, sculpting and creating music. Each of these expressions has many outlets and avenues. Many people regard themselves as having no artistic value, but Sarasvati reminds us that creativity is as diverse as we are. If you have something that enables you to feel joy, then look and see how you are using your creativity to enhance that. You may be a mother, using your creativity to love and teach your children. You may be a business man finding new and creative ways to enhance your work. You may be a gardener sculpting the landscape into something beautiful. Whoever you are you have inside you creative power that will enhance your life if you let it.

Our culture gives us little time to concentrate on creative pursuits, unless we are lucky enough to be an artist or writer. Money is the focus in life. Even when we think about letting our creativity out in a medium such as painting or music, we think of how we will pay for it. Thinking creatively is also a way in which Sarasvati helps us. Ask her to help you to find a way to start a creative project that gives you joy, without having to spend money you do not have. 

Allow yourself freedom of expression today and start to feel the joy this awakens in your heart.

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Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Todays Reading - Spiritual Understanding

Today’s card is from the Archangel Oracle by Doreen Virtue with illustration by Marius Michael- George.

Spiritual Understanding

Archangel Raziel is the divine wizard of the angel community. He can open you up to higher levels of psychic abilities and increase your ability to see, hear, know and feel Divine guidance. He will also help you to understand esoteric information, sacred geometry, quantum physics and how to manifest your own reality.

The Earth is undergoing a shift at present, and many of us have felt and seen the chaos that this has caused. We are moving into a new era and now it is time to make the shift within ourselves that will bring us back in line with the energies of the Earth. For some this will be happening at an increased rate. You will be gaining new levels of spiritual understanding, finding new knowledge presented to you in many different formats and looking at the world in a new light.

For others the shift will be harder and these people will need the help of the ones who quickly understand and retune their own energy to the new frequency. 

Raziel is asking that we all let go of limited and restrictive ways of viewing our lives, ourselves and our world. Open your mind and feel it expanding and seeing new possibilities in what were once impossibilities. Pay attention to signs that come in threes and act upon them where ever possible.

This increased awareness may make you look at your life in a different light, altering the way you perceive relationships, your career choice and even where you live. You will find yourself looking for people and things that fit in with this new sense of higher purpose and understanding. This could add to the chaos for a while. Relationships may disintegrate and you may find that the job you have trained for and done all your life, no longer fits with the person you have become. You may be drawn to a new field of work altogether.

Raziel asks us not to fight these changes as they are needed to bring us into line with the planetary shift. The longer you resist, the harder it will be. Allow yourself to go with the flow, trust in your new vision and understanding and soon life will become balanced once more.

Monday, 25 July 2011

Todays Reading - Maat

Today’s card is from the Goddess Guidance deck by Doreen Virtue. The illustration is by Lisa Iris.


Maat, daughter of Ra and wife of Thoth, was an important Goddess throughout Egyptian history. It was Maat’s ostrich feather that was used to weigh the hearts of the dead to see if they were worthy of admittance to Aaru. The Egyptians believed that the soul resided in the heart. Maat is divine order, justice and truth brought about through the use of wisdom.

So what message does she offer us today? Looking at the news there is much happening where the need for truth and wisdom will lead to justice, but the cards often speak to us on a more personal level as well. Today is a day where, in legal matters, we will be treated fairly, and as long as we have done nothing wrong, the truth will out.
But perhaps also today is about looking at how we use, truth and wisdom in our life to create balance, harmony and fairness, not just for ourselves, but for everyone we deal with. Is there a situation that you feel is unfair, or one that you have been treated unfairly in? If so take a few moments and see if there is anything you have done that may have helped create the situation. Measure your heart against Maat’s feather. Is it heavy with anger, shame, deceit or pain? Or is it light with the knowledge that you know the truth of the matter, and you are in no way to blame? Most of us will find that we have in some way contributed to a situation, even if only through negative thinking, and now we feel the disharmony that is caused when we are unsure of an outcome. Even if we know we are not to blame, we can still feel the fear of the unknown, the fear of being blamed for something that we haven’t done.

Today is the day to cast aside any blame, for ourselves or others. Let Maat help you to lighten your heart and not hold on to outcomes. Instead live in the moment and hold the truth like a candle of light that shines around you, illuminating and protecting you from injustice. Stay within the light of the truth and Maat will make sure that all will work out well for you. Listen to all sides in disputes or negotiations and weigh them up using fairness as your scale. And never feel guilty for speaking your own truths.

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Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Todays Reading - Fox

Today’s card is from the Druid Animal Oracle by Philip and Stephanie Carr- Gomm with illustration by Will Worthington.


The Fox is one of my power animals and very dear to my heart. He has come with a message today about how we use our intellect and how we think about ourselves. 

The Fox has been the victim of cruelty for many years, but he can also be a cruel hunter in his own right, killing more than he needs to eat. Like man he seems to be boosted into bloodshed as his adrenaline streams through him. 

Today look at how you consider yourself. Are you a victim? Do you consider bad fortune in your life to be caused by how others treat you? Do you allow yourself to be victimised? If this is the case step back into the shadows for awhile and take time to view exactly how you are being treated, and see if you can see why this is. You may be allowing other people to trample over your dreams or your beliefs because you consider them stronger and more powerful than you. They may be physically stronger, but that doesn’t mean they have power over you. The Fox uses his cunning to observe and then react in a clever, well thought out way that avoids disaster. He is never the victim in his own eyes. He knows there are enemies who are stronger than him, but he also knows that he has the power to avoid those enemies. 

On the flip side make sure you are not using the power of your intellect to victimise others. When we realise that we have the upper hand intellectually it is easy to use our skill to our own advantage to the point of conning another, or even blurring or hiding the truth. Always think about the consequence of your actions, words and thoughts on another. The Fox is wise and diplomatic in his approach. Make sure you use the same skills today.

Sometimes we need to speak out, but at other times we need to sit in the background and watch how events unfold. Today is one of those days to keep your own council. Listen to what is going on, but don’t offer your opinion. There will come a time where your voice needs to be heard, but it isn’t today. 

Lastly the fox lives in a world of light and shadow as he weaves his way through the wilds of nature. Allow yourself to feel your own wilder side today, even if you don’t like what you see. The shadow side is as important to you as the light, it needs to be aired. Today let it out, but do it in your own company. Come to know and accept the wilder side of yourself and eventually you will find it becomes naturally integrated into your personality making you whole. Then it can be shared with others!

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Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Todays Reading - Clairvoyance

Today’s card is from the Archangel Oracle by Doreen Virtue. The illustration is by Marius Michael – George.

Clairvoyance – Archangel Raziel.

Raziel can open you up to higher levels of psychic abilities and increase your ability to see, hear, know and feel Divine guidance. You may be looking at this card today and thinking that Clairvoyance means seeing the spirit world. And then you think I can’t do that! Firstly Clairvoyance is about picking up on other levels of existence. Some people can see spirit, but for most this card is asking us to start being aware of what we know inside of us, as the truth.

Today begin to be more aware of the subtle messages you are receiving. Often these messages come in the form of dreams, or visions, sometimes as daydreams. There may be a recurring theme. Perhaps something on this plane of reality catches your eye, and then you keep noticing it everywhere you go. This could be a colour, words, an image, a certain animal or bird. If you notice something three or more times take it as a sign that there is a message there that you need to try and understand. 

The world around us is changing, evolving in a way that many of us do not fully understand. We can see this happening on a physical level, but there is an awful lot more going on than we can see with our eyes. Our senses can pick up subtle messages and clues as to how we can help, and what we need to be doing in our lives. We just need to learn to start trusting in them, and even being aware of them. 

Don’t write things off as coincidence today. Be aware of the messages you are receiving. The more aware you become, the more you will tune in and see what you are being asked to do. There is nothing mysterious about being clairvoyant. We all have this ability. All you have to do is attempt to tune into the air waves that are broadcasting messages! Being aware is the first step. Consciously considering the messages you are receiving is the next. Taking action on these messages....Bingo!’ve found the channel! Now you will be so tuned in that your whole sense of the world will have shifted and you will see many things in a different light. Let’s call it a Divine light!

Go and find your light today!

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Monday, 18 July 2011

Todays Reading - Mugwort

Today’s card is from the Druid Plant Oracle by Philip and Stephanie Carr- Gomm. The illustration is by Will Worthington.
Mugwort drawn reversed.

In Britain, as in most of Europe, Mugwort is a common plant found on verges where ever you go. It is used in many countries around the world and it is even noted in Pliny’s records as a plant used to honour Isis. Its Latin name, Artemisia is probably a dedication to Artemis, so this herb has long been linked to the divine feminine. Its uses have included treating female ailments among many other things. My Mother has treatments from a Chinese acupuncturist who uses burning dried Mugwort on thin slivers of Ginger over acupuncture points in a treatment known as moxibustion. Moxi relates to Mugwort. 

Mugwort has also been used as an aid to divination and clairvoyance. It is useful to burn the dried herb in meditation to relax and open the mind.

In reverse this card is saying that many of us may find it hard to see clearly today. With so many changes and problems in our lives, both external and internal struggles, our minds have become clouded, and seeing a way to move forward is impossible. If we make a decision we are not sure if it is the right one. We don’t quite trust in our own abilities to see where we need to go next, or what we should do for the best. 

Sometimes all we need to do is have patience and wait for a situation to change so that all becomes clear again. It takes time for all the pieces to fall into place, especially when a situation involves more than one or two people.

At other times the problem is actually one of our own making. We may blame others for our current troubles and lack of focus. What we really need to do is look inward at what we may have done to cause our current problem. It may well be that all we need to do is start listening to our inner voice and trusting our intuitive side rather than letting the logical mind talk us out of making decisions. It may be that we have fallen under a cloud of negative thinking, a feeling of lack that we then blame on others. If this is the case try looking at your life with fresh eyes and seeing how abundant it actually is, and how much you actually receive every day. Then make a conscious effort to manifest positive energies into your life.

Most problems  can have their roots in our own psyche. We may not have caused the physical situation but how we perceive something has a great effect on how we then deal with it. 

Use this card as a sign that from today you need to start looking clearly at your life and appraising how many of your problems stem from a negative way of viewing the world.

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