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Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Todays Reading - Take Back Your Power

Today’s card is from the Archangel Oracle by Doreen Virtue. The illustration is by Marius Michael- George.


Archangel Raziel can help you understand esoteric material, manifestation principles, sacred geometry, quantum physics and other high-level information. He knows all the secrets of the Universe and the way in which it operates. 

Today he wants us all to take back our power. How often do you give your power away to others? How often do you follow someone else’s advice, or let yourself be persuaded to do something even though it feels wrong, or it doesn’t completely fit with who you are and what you believe? How often do you get upset or angry because someone slights you or hurts you?

We are all wonderful people in our own right and we all have a right to be ourselves and live our lives doing, thinking and feeling the things we believe in. That doesn’t mean we act irresponsibly or without respect for others. It means that we adhere to our own inner code because in that way we honour who we are as an individual. When we live as our self we respect who we are and also the right of everyone to be who they are. We can allow someone else to have an opinion or to do something differently to us without thinking they are wrong or stupid or getting angry or irritated with them.

We are all capable of manifesting the things we need in our lives but most of us just don’t believe in our own capabilities. We don’t think of ourselves as powerful luminaries, or wise sages who have a mountain of inner knowledge to guide us. We think that we are lower than others or not as intelligent, or poorer, or less attractive. We constantly stress the negatives about ourselves and gradually erode our inner confidence along with our power. Raziel’s message couldn’t be clearer. 

Take Back Your Power!

Start today by believing in you. If you believe in you so will everyone else. 

Love who you are, and the law of attraction will bring people to you that love you for being you. 

Start to live life as you want it to be. In this way you will manifest your desires and find that life becomes easier, happier and far more enjoyable. Once you make the effort to start this cycle it will keep going on its own, getting easier each day until you are living the life you want and being the person you are, instead of dreaming about it happening tomorrow.

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