Friday, 29 July 2011

Todays Reading - Isolt

Today’s card is from the Goddess Guidance Oracle by Doreen Virtue with illustration by Elizabeth Kyle.

Undying Love

Isolt may be more familiar to people as part of the love triangle in Celtic myth between herself, Tristan and King Mark of Cornwall a retelling of which can be found here:

But Isolt is also an energy that we can view as a Goddess. She is of help to us in relationships, especially where there is some conflict, separation or an ending. Isolt reminds us of the love that was once shared. Love is an eternal bond, and even when it seems to have disappeared from our life, leaving us hurting, sad and lonely we can feel and remember its power. 

There are many times when relationships end that we feel lost and cold because love has left us. We need time to heal and it is important to allow the grief to come out so that it doesn’t fester and grow into hate or resentment inside. We spend time with people in our lives and learn many lessons about ourselves and others. When the lessons are learned the soul knows it is time to move on, but on the physical plane we suffer. Healing is helped if we can try to remember that the memories of a loved one are with us always, so really we never lose that love as we have it in our hearts to reach for. The key here is to remember with love and not with hate. Directing hate and hurt at the memory, blackens it and causes us more pain in the future. Being thankful that we have known love, and then letting that love out into the universe to be shared by others, helps the healing process.

Isolt reminds us today of the love we have for people we have lost through death. That love has not ended. It is eternal and always there for you. 

Are you in a relationship that at present is going through a tough time? If so remember that the love you have is strong, it hasn’t gone, it is just being masked behind misunderstandings. Isolt asks that you remember that your perspective is not the only one. She encourages you to open your heart and look at your partners issue from their side of the relationship, from their personal perspective, and then show love and understanding, rather than carrying on with the problem. If compassion can be used from one side, then the other side will eventually offer it too. Be the one that begins the healing.

Isolt’s sad story is a triangle of love. The number three is an important number. Isolt will provide you with help and guidance in your quest for healing in relationship, and it will often come in three’s so watch out for words, pictures or feelings that recur 3 times or more, and then follow her advice. Remember that it takes two people to create the energy of love in a relationship. See yourself and your partner standing side by side with golden light spilling from your hearts. See that light merging into a new and beautiful rainbow of colour that surrounds you on all sides at all levels, enclosing you in a bubble of your own making. A bubble of healing love and compassion.

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