Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Todays Reading - Fox

Today’s card is from the Druid Animal Oracle by Philip and Stephanie Carr- Gomm with illustration by Will Worthington.


The Fox is one of my power animals and very dear to my heart. He has come with a message today about how we use our intellect and how we think about ourselves. 

The Fox has been the victim of cruelty for many years, but he can also be a cruel hunter in his own right, killing more than he needs to eat. Like man he seems to be boosted into bloodshed as his adrenaline streams through him. 

Today look at how you consider yourself. Are you a victim? Do you consider bad fortune in your life to be caused by how others treat you? Do you allow yourself to be victimised? If this is the case step back into the shadows for awhile and take time to view exactly how you are being treated, and see if you can see why this is. You may be allowing other people to trample over your dreams or your beliefs because you consider them stronger and more powerful than you. They may be physically stronger, but that doesn’t mean they have power over you. The Fox uses his cunning to observe and then react in a clever, well thought out way that avoids disaster. He is never the victim in his own eyes. He knows there are enemies who are stronger than him, but he also knows that he has the power to avoid those enemies. 

On the flip side make sure you are not using the power of your intellect to victimise others. When we realise that we have the upper hand intellectually it is easy to use our skill to our own advantage to the point of conning another, or even blurring or hiding the truth. Always think about the consequence of your actions, words and thoughts on another. The Fox is wise and diplomatic in his approach. Make sure you use the same skills today.

Sometimes we need to speak out, but at other times we need to sit in the background and watch how events unfold. Today is one of those days to keep your own council. Listen to what is going on, but don’t offer your opinion. There will come a time where your voice needs to be heard, but it isn’t today. 

Lastly the fox lives in a world of light and shadow as he weaves his way through the wilds of nature. Allow yourself to feel your own wilder side today, even if you don’t like what you see. The shadow side is as important to you as the light, it needs to be aired. Today let it out, but do it in your own company. Come to know and accept the wilder side of yourself and eventually you will find it becomes naturally integrated into your personality making you whole. Then it can be shared with others!

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