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Monday, 11 July 2011

Todays Reading - Green Tara

Today’s card is from the Goddess Guidance Oracle by Doreen Virtue. The illustration is by Sue Halstenberg.

The Goddess Tara is probably the oldest Goddess that we know of that is still worshipped by many today. She was originally a Hindu Goddess, but was then taken into the heart of Buddhism to the extent that she became the female version of Buddha. Many countries around the world have their own version of Tara. She has many aspects, the most well known being White Tara and Green Tara.

Green Tara is a Mother earth Goddess who urges us to take action rather than waiting for things to happen. She rescues us by empowering us to save ourselves. Her urges will bring new creative ways o f doing things into your life. If you have a problem sit quietly for a while and ask her to send you the idea you need to create your solution.

Today she is reminding us that responsibilities, particularly within family relationships, are for sharing. If you take on more than your share you will end up feeling resentful of others, especially if you end up with no time to do your own things that bring joy and peace to your life. Tara says there is nothing wrong with asking for help, it doesn’t weaken you. Instead it brings people closer together and helps bring balance to relationships.

I am someone who finds it hard to delegate within the family environment and I do feel resentful at times. I used to get annoyed that help wasn’t offered to me. Now I can see that I have a tendency to rush about, being organised and getting on with things in a determined and sometimes aggressive way. Because of this people get out of my way and leave me to it, the opposite of what I actually want. This then increases my annoyance and the cycle continues! There are many times that others would like to offer help to us, but we make it impossible for them to do so! 

When we allow someone to help we usually find that they are more than happy to get a chance to be involved. Allowing others to help us, not only gives us the space to slow down and relax, it also brings balance and pleasure to the other person. It allows understanding and relationship to form, so never feel guilty.
One other thing to remember, from personal experience....not everyone does things in the same way! But that doesn’t matter, as long as things get done! 

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