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Thursday, 7 July 2011

Todays Reading - The Salmon

Today’s card is taken from The Druid Animal Oracle by Phillip and Stephanie Carr-Gomm. The illustration is by Will Worthington.


Key Words: Wisdom, Inspiration, Rejuvenation, Sense of place.

The salmon brings us wisdom today. When returning to its place of birth to mate, it suffers many hardships and actually swims against the current by leaping and skipping over the water like a child.

Today think about where you are, where you came from and where you belong. Often the process of looking back through our lives can throw up situations that can offer us wisdom regarding our future. Perhaps you have something you would like to release, a fear, a way of thinking that blocks your forward movement. Usually we can trace these back to something that has happened to us, most often in childhood. Once you have journeyed back to this time in your mind try to find a way to change it into a positive event. Replay it in your mind in its new form. Forgive yourself and others that were involved. Try to make the new event something full of childlike optimism. Then travel forwards once more looking at how this new way of thinking about the situation changes other things that have happened in your life. Let the salmon inspire you to recreate past negatives into past positives and give yourself permission to start living with this new positive energy today.

Try not to force this process. If we strive too hard for something we tend to block our own energies. Think of the salmon. If you watch it leaping against the current to reach it’s mating ground it is full of life and energy. It is an inspiring sight. If it attempted to just swim against the current it would never reach its destination. Think of new, joyful ways to reach your goal. Be creative and allow your inner child to find its voice. Use the knowledge you have gained to further your advancement. 

Leap up and take action! Be inspired and creative! Feel the nourishment gained through helping yourself overcome the obstacles that have been blocking your progress. Immerse yourself in your new found wisdom of who you are, where you stand on your journey through life and your new sense, of belonging only to you.

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