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Thursday, 15 September 2011

Todays Reading - Prosperity

Today’s card is from the Archangel Oracle by Doreen Virtue. The illustration is by Marius Michael – George.

Prosperity- Archangel Ariel

Ariel’s name means Lioness of God and she is a feminine presence. She is associated with animals, nature, elementals, magic and manifestation.

This card came to me today when I was struggling with being positive, especially about finances. At first I didn’t want to write about it, but I forced myself to do it. I began by asking Ariel for guidance and help with positive thinking, and as I began to write she took over. This is the first time I have felt sure about a channelling. I have felt on other angel cards that I have had a channelled message but this was very strong. The words flew into my head faster than I could type. I wasn’t thinking, just typing. The full message was only revealed to me when I read the post back, correcting numerous spelling mistakes I’d made in my haste! I hope the message means as much to you as to me and I thank Ariel for her love and cooperation in helping me today.

It is in your nature to first think of prosperity as financial gain, but this is not always, or even usually so. To be truly prosperous you must open your heart to the divine path in front of you and use your feet to guide you on your life’s mission. Prosperity means an abundance of something and the most wonderful form of abundance is when you manifest into your life the feelings ideas and people who will help those things become reality. Manifestation is a gift you all share with each other, and is something you are all capable of doing, it just takes practice and intention to do so. Keep seeing yourself as an abundant person, full of wonderful ideas, a joyous heart and free from financial worry. Worrying about finances is the best way to stay poor! If you cease worrying and ask me for help in any area of your life where abundance is lacking then you will find that all becomes right before you know it. When you free yourself from stress or worry your life is easier, time passes quicker and good things come to you. When you worry time passes slowly and even good things look bad to you. Is this not so?

Ask me for help in manifesting what you need, and also keeping the positive flow of thought. Look into yourself and see what you lack first, where you need abundance. Is it in the form of health, laughter, joy, family, comfort, friendship, nourishment, ideas or inspiration? Once you get the inside rich in abundance it is easier to manifest the things you need in your external life. Money my dear friends usually comes last of all, but when you have worked from the inside out you tend to see that money is less of an issue than you ever thought. Everyone is entitled to nice things in their life and to have enough money to live well. But if you cannot get the inside right first then no matter how much money flows to you it will never feel enough.

So from today ask for help from me and your higher guides. Ask for help in manifesting what is needed within you for peace and contentment, then you will see clearly ways to manifest on the material plane. You all have this ability just believe in yourself and trust in us to always be here for you. Ask and you shall always receive.
Be at peace now.

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