Thursday, 29 September 2011

Todays reading - Rainbow

Today’s card is from Earth Magic oracle cards by Dr. Steven Farmer. The illustration is by Linda Moreland.

Rainbow - Blessings

The painting on this card holds so much promise, don’t you think? I have stared at it for ages this morning and felt that wonderful feeling of childlike wonder I always feel when I see a magical coloured band of light stretching across the sky. Rainbows make me smile and remind me that nature is truly magical and abundant, and when we stop and think about it our life is really filled with so many blessings and not the many negative stress related problems we create in our minds.

 Stare at the image now and note how it makes you feel. Capture that essence of childhood that is still there within you and try and keep it at the forefront of your thoughts and feelings today. So you have a problem? Ok weigh it down with all your blessings. Problems are just stepping stones to a calm, peaceful and abundant life. They could even be called blessings themselves. 

Think of something that you have tackled recently, no matter how small. Recall how it made you feel at the time, and the sense of relief when you had sorted it out. Think of what you learnt from it, even if all you learnt was that a problem solved brings relief and a sense of power and freedom. That, in fact is a massive thing to learn! It is surely a blessing in disguise! Now look at your current problems, no matter how big they seem, and remember that rainbows can even straddle mountains! 

A problem is only a problem because you view it in that way. Lets down size it. See your problem in front of you and turn it into an obstacle or hurdle. Say those words a few times and see what images occur. For me the image is a fence. I KNOW I can climb a fence. It may be hard work but it certainly isn’t surmountable, even if it has barbed wire along the top! I’ll just take some cutters with me and, snip, I’m over the top and out the other side. On the way I learnt how to climb that sort of fence, so that’s another notch on my achievement wall! 

Rainbow’s hold the promise of tomorrow, our dreams, abundance and freedom from stress. So remember that tomorrow will never come, there is only ever today so make the most of now and enjoy doing it!

 Remember that dreams CAN become reality. Make your wish now and send it skidding and sliding along the rainbow to the other side. See it landing and becoming a great big pot of shining golden light, happiness and abundance. And then sit down and work out how to get to it. If you can see it, you can reach it! 

Remember that abundance is everywhere around you. At present I have an abundance of birds singing to me, and an abundance of light shining through my window, an abundance of ideas to write and enact, and an abundance of loving people around me. To create material abundance you must first learn the meaning of the word in its entirety and that means acknowledging where it is already present in your life. 

And please remember that stress is a state of mind, something we put ourselves through unnecessarily, usually by viewing our problems instead of our blessings! Breathe deeply, stare at the rainbow and release all that stress into the atmosphere and let the chains be replaced with a sense of energy and freedom. 

Now go outside and start chasing rainbows!

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