Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Todays Reading - Earth Dragon

Today’s card is from the Druid Animal Oracle by Philip and Stephanie Carr- Gomm with illustration by Will Worthington.

Earth Dragon
Power, Potential, Riches

Within us all there is a great potential. We are born with a purpose and gifts that will enable that purpose to be achieved. But life has boundaries and frameworks that we grow up fitting into, no matter if we find the fit suits us or not. Humanity seems to need these frameworks, and usually they are in place to control. Eventually these frameworks become part of who we are, limiting our behaviour and our thought processes. All the while the Earth dragon sits within our hearts slumbering, its tail curled round the many treasures of our soul.

We all reach a time in life where we stop and question. We look around us and wonder why we feel out of kilter with the world, why we have not achieved a sense of peace and harmony, no matter how successful we are materially. Many people look at a spiritual path in more detail at this time as they search for whatever it is that is missing. 

Let me tell you now, your search does not need to be a long one. Look inwards. Go on a journey, cutting yourself free of all the ties you have to society’s framework of how you should be as a person. Eventually, after much cutting and freeing, you will reach a cave, glowing with warmth and vitality. At the entrance you will find your dragon. Do not be afraid. This dragon is your friend. You have denied yourself access to it all your life, but still it has waited patiently for your arrival. Sit and talk with the dragon. Ask it to help you see your true gifts, your soul treasures, and learn how to put them to use in this lifetime. Love this dragon, because it is an aspect of yourself that has protected the truth of who you are for a long time. Loving it will help you build your friendship and allow you access to the cave that the dragon guards.

Once you befriend this creature and have access to your treasure house you will begin to notice the treasures that others carry, even if they are unaware of them in themselves. You could perhaps help them on their own mission to befriend the dragon. 

Once you contact your inner power and your own unique gifts the world becomes a far more beautiful place. Limitations and restrictions are lifted and you will find you can manifest all that you need because you at last understand that life has no limits, it is only humanity that creates them.

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  1. Hi, now I see 'today's Reading on a big screen I see it is dated 6th September 2011 - and today is 29th June 2018. hmmmmm......

  2. Hi, now I see 'today's Reading on a big screen I see it is dated 6th September 2011 - and today is 29th June 2018. hmmmmm......