Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Todays Reading - Ishtar

Today’s card is from the Goddess Guidance Oracle by Doreen Virtue. The illustration is by Jonathon Earl Bowser.
Ishtar - Boundaries

The Goddess Ishtar is the Assyrian and Babylonian goddess of fertility, love, war, and sex. She is often portrayed as an aggressive and fickle lover and was the courtesan of the Gods. Is she really that way or did she offer women power and control of their own bodies, feelings and rights. After all, a man who goes around wooing and having sex with many is seen in a positive light. As someone who is happy and confident in her divine sexual feminine energy Ishtar seems to be a threat to ancient MANkind! 

This is still very true today. Women have so many mixed messages of how or who they should be that it can be bewildering! You should be a nurturing, giving, loving mother, a hardworking, aggressive, successful, business woman, a forgiving, dutiful, beautiful partner, an exciting, sexy lover and a practical down to earth diy expert! Add to that the skills we are supposed to possess, cooking, sewing, teaching, cleaning, psychotherapist and healer etc, it is easy to see why women have a hard time knowing who they are! Nothing against you men by the way with this comment. Men have their own issues and difficulties, but Ishtar is a female goddess who challenges the way women should look at themselves. If we take a moment to drop all the perceptions of who a woman is, and as women, step into our body and take notice of how we feel, how we look, our emotions and how they affect us, our connection to the moon and how she affects our energy, we begin to make a journey towards finding ourselves. The biggest problem that most women have is that they don’t love themselves. They love their partners and husbands, their children, parents, friends and pets, but they forget to love themselves. Men, you are the same in this way. Even those men who preen around carrying their ego’s in a way that says they are god’s gift to women, don’t love themselves. If they did there would be no need for such a display. Men are just as insecure as women.

Ishtar’s message today, to both sexes, is to love yourself enough to step into your body and become aware of who you really are. Not who anyone else wants you to be. Be aware of what you want, what your needs are and don’t feel guilty or selfish about it. Write down all the things that are missing from your life and how that makes you feel. Ishtar was seen as a fickle, demanding, sex goddess because she wasn’t afraid to be brutally honest with herself. She was herself and no one else. She acted as her emotions dictated, she got sad, angry, fell in love, fell out of love and she was never ashamed of it. She was just Ishtar, pure and simple!

Myths regarding gods and goddesses are there to teach us. They ask you to stop and think and not take the words literally. The reason that Ishtar, for example, is portrayed as showing extremes of feminine feelings and actions is because she wants you to notice her and consider her message. She is larger than life so that you will notice and take notice!

Look at who you REALLY are. Shift into your truth. Set your boundaries. And most of all love yourself, because if you can’t do that how will anyone else see and appreciate you for the wonderful and unique YOU that you are?

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