Monday, 19 September 2011

Todays Reading - Dance

Today’s card is from Earth Magic oracle cards by Dr. Steven Farmer. The illustration is by Lindsay Gardam.

Dance - Celebration

This picture evokes both Dance and celebration. You can feel the rhythm, hear the drum beat, the rattle of necklace and belt and see the joy in this woman. Dance always feels to me like something we do in partnership with our soul. When you let the music whirl through you and allow it into your heart your body takes over and moves. Whether you know how to dance or not you will find yourself tapping your foot or fingers at the very least! The feelings we have when we are celebrating vibrate through our system and trigger movement. If not in dance it comes through in wild clapping, raising the arms in a cheer, jumping up and down. When we feel in the mood to celebrate that emotion is strong enough to force our body to move! It is almost uncontainable! But how often does this actually happen. I can count a couple of times in the last year. How about you?

When we feel that amount of passion and energy in our lives we can conquer the world, live forever, look amazing. Nothing is impossible. The only impossible thing is feeling like that all the time. But why is that? Who said that we can’t feel that way, and dance our way through life all the time? Where is it written?
While it may not be possible to live with that frenzy of energy on a daily basis we can live with a focus on celebration that makes our passage through life easier, enjoyable, creative and energetic. Take a look at your life now. Does it seem mundane, boring, ok in some areas, but definitely not great in others? Think of the way you get on with it, trudge through the daily grind, living for the weekends perhaps. How does that help you? It doesn’t. If anything it hinders you. Now let me offer a metaphor. 

You have to dig a hole to bury the treasure you have because it’s getting in the way of real life. It keeps troubling you. Someone might steal it, laugh at it, not understand its beauty. You look around you but you find no tools anywhere so you start digging with your hands. A kind hearted soul sees you and asks why you are using your hands. You answer, ‘It is all that I have.’ Filled with compassion they bring you a spade. You feel happier and make inroads into your hole, digging it deeper and deeper. You think how nice that person was, yet you know that the spade can’t really help you make the hole as big as it needs to be. Then a man appears and asks if you need some help? It would be wrong to burden someone else with this job so you say no. But the man insists and brings along his digger. You look on with amazement and are happy for awhile. Your hole is now deep and wide enough. For some reason though looking at the hole makes you sad and not happy. You know your treasure will be safe within it, yet there is no joy at the thought. But still you reach into your heart and pull the treasure forth. For awhile you cradle it in your hands, admiring its beauty. Then, reluctantly, you put it in your hole and begin to shovel dirt over it. 

Is this what you are doing? You have within your life a treasure worth celebrating every single day. You may have more than one treasure. What do you have in your life that is worthy of celebration? It may not be a physical thing, it may be an achievement, a skill or talent, but there is something. Then look at how much soil you have covered it with. If it was hard to think of something worth celebrating then I bet it’s so deep that not even a tiny bit of shining light is able to reach you. But it is there.

The thing is, this treasure is not treasure if no one can see and share it. It’s worthless, mundane, nothing in particular. Is that how you feel?

Today reach inside you and start digging. Dance around a little, put on some music and see if that helps you find what you have hidden. Once you find it celebrate it for all its worth! You are full of treasure, your life is full of treasure, the people around you are full of treasure. When you unearth the things that need celebrating you bring back your sparkle, your purpose, your story. And that is worth dancing for joy!

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