Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Todays Reading - Green Man

Today’s card is from the Wildwood Tarot by Mark Ryan and John Matthews with illustration by Will Worthington.

The Green Man.

The Green Man. The male energy within nature. Have you ever seen his face in tree trunks, ferns, leaves and grasses? Have you ever felt his eyes watching you as you walk through his beloved forests? What can he teach us and what has he come today to give?

The Green Man has lots of descriptions throughout folklore, but for me he is the physical part of nature. Whilst the Green Woman in this Tarot deck signifies to me the creative, nurturing, intuitive spirit that is the essence of every blade of grass, leaf, splinter of bark, the Green Man is what gives those things physical presence. You feel the Green Woman in your heart and soul, you hear her voice in your head and her direction with your intuition, but the Green Man is who you touch, he is present in a material sense. While the Green Woman is the essence of life the Green Man is the solidity.

His message today is about presence, your own presence in the physical world. He asks you to examine your relationship to the world around you. Do you even notice? Try to be aware today, and every day of the very Earth you stand on, the natural world around you. It is as solid and real as you are. It is as practical and has as many necessities’s as you do. It is as necessary as you are. It is needed by you in a practical, everyday sense. If there was no earth you would have nowhere to stand! Live in full consciousness of where you are and who you are. Treat everyone and everything with respect and then you can expect the same in return. 

As the partner of the Green woman he is the masculine force behind co creation. He reminds us today to think about family. How we are with family , how family are with us and who we are within family makes a huge difference to our feelings of security, structure and stability in the world. If you have issues with any of these things then perhaps now is the time to consider why. Don’t immediately blame someone else. Any conflict is two sided, and both sides should have equal consideration. It is more than past the time where any family issues need clearing so that rebirth can begin. So forgive, release then forget and move on. If you can do this, you set an example that others will follow. It is hard to keep up conflict if it is one sided. It is hard to feel under pressure from a family member to conform if you feel secure, happy and stable with who you are. 

The best way to gain the help of this nature spirit is to notice, to respect and to nurture. Sit with him, see all the many things he is offering you. Ask for his help, and then help back. Even if all you do is pick up some litter as you walk, that is a help and a sign of respect. Or make a donation to a charity that helps nature, become more environmentally friendly, do something that makes an impact, no matter how small, and do it with gratitude. Without the Green Man in our lives we would be missing half of everything!

Leave nothing behind but your footprints.

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