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Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Todays Reading - Ancestors

Today’s card is from Earth Magic oracle cards by Dr. Steven Farmer. The illustration is by Jeremy Donovan.

Ancestors – Generations.

I really love the Aboriginal theme to this card. It was one that I pulled for myself yesterday as something that is hidden from me, so focusing on it for the blog today should help me understand!

I spent some time a few years ago focusing on Ancestor work in connection with my Druidry and courses I was taking and mentoring at the New Order of Druids. I did a couple of powerful meditations at Samhain that have left a lasting impression. The first was based on a meditation in a book by Frank MacEowen. It involved imagining myself standing at the head of a pyramid. Behind me were my parents, then grandparents and so on and so forth. I focused on adding to this pyramid. It very soon became huge and I became aware of how it must interact with many other pyramids, and how connected we all are. But the most powerful feeling was one of connection to myself. My blood connected me to all these people, they were all a part of me. Their looks, skills, faults and gifts were all within me. I had within me all that knowledge and wisdom gained through countless lives. I had all those people to ask for help! When you realise this you can see how you are never alone. Even if you were adopted and never knew your parents, they are a part of you, and so are all those other ancestors going back thousands of years. Think on this for a while, and try and visualise your own pyramid. It is very empowering, and also a very nurturing thought as you connect with all those relatives. Spend today imagining all those generations looking over your shoulder , where ever you go and whatever you do. See what help is offered and be aware of the feelings you get.

The second meditation I did involved walking through a tunnel of Yew trees and meeting an ancestor at the other side. I can still picture the huge man I met. He was dark haired with a beard, and the blue eyes my family on my mother’s side are known for. He looked like a relative! He gave me a hand carved wooden whistle and said I should learn to play it, although I got the feeling he meant figuratively. I still haven’t figured out completely what the gift signified, but I have the whistle in a soul pocket next to my heart!

Our ancestors are not dead, they are just passed over. This doesn’t mean they can’t help us. Try calling on them for help with something, and then sit back and see what thoughts and ideas form in your head. You may experience a vision or dream or a tingling or other sensation in your body. Their energy is always available to you, as well as their wisdom. 

There are other ancestors that can help us too. Those in the land around where we live. Where ever you are there have been people there before you. Some of these spirits have stayed on and can be asked to help, especially with problems relating to the area or community. Many cultures, including the Aborigines believe that ancestor spirits live on in our environment. They may be within rocks, trees, hills, animals, insects, anything that exists naturally. There are times when messages can be received from these spirits that will help and guide you. Next time you get out into nature, sit quietly for a while and imagine that everything around you has spirit, has soul. Everything is alive. Feel the vibrancy of life around you and then feel how it connects to you and you to it. Open yourself to this connection and ask a question. You may receive an answer in your own head or you may find your attention drawn to a tree, an animal or insect, a shade of colour. Whatever it is take some time to focus on it and then research it some more at home. The answers given are not usually simple, but are a guide as to where to look. In the seeking you may find many answers and many more questions!

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