Thursday, 6 October 2011

Todays Reading - New Moon

Today’s card is from Earth Magic oracle cards by Dr. Steven Farmer. The illustration is by David Adams.

New Moon – Promise.

A new moon rises in the sky, almost cradling Venus in her arms, echoing the couple beneath as they embrace each other and watch the sun setting on another day. The suns’ luminescence touches the waters of emotion and life itself with a soft kiss goodnight.

Everything begins in darkness. Creation takes place in the darkness of the womb, in the darkness of the soil and in the darkness of your mind. The new moon is a promise of light, happiness, growth and new life. It is the beginning of a new cycle in your life. The ideas that have been created in the dark of your mind can now be planted as seeds of light, slowly manifesting into being. 

What is a promise? A promise is a gift you offer that you will do something, you will fulfil a wish, desire or act. Today you are being asked what you have promised yourself. What desire do you hold that you keep promising yourself you will fulfil? Promises are of no use if you never begin the process of bringing them into the light, you never begin manifesting your desires. I am quite sure that, like me, you all have 10 reasons why you can’t fulfil each of your promises. 10 to 1 against your desires ever being realised. Not great odds. So how do you go about changing things around? How do you get from that 10 down to 0 and bring that desire into your life?

Firstly, know that this card signifies a promise to you from the higher realms that you are capable and supported in your desires to manifest your dreams. Asking for help is the first step to get you there and reduces that 10 down to 9. Ask, pray, do whatever you do to connect you with spirit and do it daily. When you are feeling dispirited, stressed, muddled, unwell or unable to see how you can have your dreams.
Secondly write down as many of the blockages to your dreams that you have created as you can think of, big and little. Now sit back close your eyes and breathe deeply. Let yourself relax for a few minutes. Feel a sense of ease and peace coming over you. Now go back to your list and cross off the obstacles that are no longer relevant and were really you just stress talking. This will take you down to at least 7 if not 5!

Now we have a few problems left to deal with, hopefully half of what we had at the beginning. Look at each one and see if there is just one thing on your list that you can do today, or over the next couple of days. Just one thing, and then do it. Here is an example. I, for some unknown reason, have been stopping myself from advertising my readings locally. I have lots of reasons why, and none of them are good! One is that I have no colour printer ink to print off some adverts. So right after I have written this I am going to order some! Then I have no excuse to make the adverts and print them off. This is my promise to myself today. In response I pulled a card for myself this morning that told me it was time to leave my comfort zone and that once I did I would find things were not difficult at all but in fact effortless!

So do yourself a favour and begin keeping all those promises that you made yourself. If you promised a friend that you would help them, I’m sure you would do it. Why won’t you help the most important person in your world? I promise, when you do, you will feel 10 times better!

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