Friday, 14 October 2011

Todays Reading - Meadow

Today’s card is from Earth Magic oracle cards by Dr. Steven Farmer. The illustration is by Mike Dawson.

Meadow - Vulnerability

My immediate response to this card was ‘wow’ and then ‘vulnerability?’ For me a meadow like this is paradise! The beauty of the flowers and grasses, the whispers of insects, a faint fresh breeze on my face and all that wonderful sky! But for some people, that amount of exposure is unsettling. Then I got to thinking....vulnerability is not a physical thing it is an emotional response to being out in the open, unprotected for all to see. Why do we respond that way? 

At one time survival meant staying away from the hunter’s eyes, but for thousands of year’s man has been the predominant hunter and so I don’t really think this is a conditioned response of human kind. It is determined by how we think of ourselves and our connection to our world. If we are happy being our true self and we have faith that we are living from our authentic soul, so the negative thoughts of others do not matter and just slide away, then this meadow is a wonderful peaceful haven where all our senses come alive and connect us to Mother Earth. However if we are living a life of fear, a life where we care what other people think to the extent that our authentic self is hidden beneath our hunched shoulders and we spend all our time trying to guess which persona will make someone else like and accept us, then this meadow is a place where we will feel open to the gaze of too many. There are no places to hide.

Connecting with nature also shows us our true self and many people do not want to share that, even with themselves! To be fully present and fully participate in what you can see, hear, touch, smell, feel, you have to open yourself to all of those things. You have to be vulnerable. To be vulnerable with confidence, vulnerable to others, to ourselves and to the world is a risk, but one well worth taking. Hiding our true self serves to disconnect us from everyone and everything. Bringing our true self to the fore and trusting that, no matter what anyone else thinks, this is you in all your glory, brings us connection.

So how does the meadow make you feel? Do you long to run through it, lie down in its soft grasp, smell the wonderful fragrances, hear the many subtle sounds and stare at the vast blue sky above you? Or do you want to find the nearest hole and squeeze inside, looking nervously out and hoping you weren’t spotted.
Be who you really are, under all those many disguises. You are here for a reason, but you will never find that reason by hiding down a rabbit hole! The only way to feel secure and loved in this world is to be vulnerable. So take a deep breath, ditch the cloaks, and walk out into the world naked and free!

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