Monday, 3 October 2011

Todays reading - Butterfly Maiden.

Today’s card is from the Goddess Guidance Oracle by Doreen Virtue. The illustration is by Sharon George.

I just love the artwork for this card! The Butterfly Maiden is a Hopi Native American kachina who makes sure crops yield abundant harvests. She is a Goddess of spring time and immediately made me think of all you Aussies and New Zealanders out there! But remember Spring can always be accessed in your heart and mind. It is the place where the light strengthens and grows brighter and you see the first green shoots of growth as life begins fresh and new.

So today we are presented with a message of transformation. Change is everywhere, in everybody’s life. Do you know anyone who isn’t experiencing massive changes right now? Although change is a constant the recent changes we have been experiencing are far more significant and well worthy of your attention. Even when it seems that we are in a negative downward spiral, a mini tornado destroying all in its path, we have to remember that this is just a cycle of nature and the calm will follow and with it will come the sunshine, 
 laughter and the new green shoots of life.

Take some time today to sit quietly, sheltered from the storm of life in the sanctuary and silence that is within you. Build your cocoon and allow yourself to sit within. Once there you can breathe a sigh of relief and then focus your mind on soft, light yet deep breathing. Feel your muscles relax and imagine the energy within you flowing through you, like a light tinkling and cooling stream of light. Start at your feet and follow the energy as it courses up the outside of your legs, up into each side of your back, down your arms, into your hands and then across your shoulders. Let it flow, tingling and fresh up the back of your neck and head and down the front of your face. Allow it to continue down the middle of your chest, into your stomach and then down the inside of your legs to your feet where it can go round as many times as you like! If it encounters a blockage allow the water to soften it, like a piece of sandstone. See it slowly but surely dissolve and then flow on until you find the next blockage and do the same. When the light can flow through you freely bathe in its positive rays for a little while. Then when you are ready focus on your breathing for three breaths and slowly open your eyes.

Can you feel the tingling energy coursing through you? Can you feel your gossamer wings urging you to fly free and see your life from above? Can you see the patterns, the threads that are there? Change is leading you forward into transformation and you will emerge as a new and beautiful representation of yourself.
Whenever life is getting you down try this exercise and remind yourself that soon it will be spring again!

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