Monday, 10 October 2011

Todays Reading - Celtic Bean

Today’s card is from the Druid Plant Oracle by Philip and Stephanie Carr- Gomm. The illustration is by Will Worthington.

Celtic Bean
Fertility, Reincarnation, Nourishment

The Celtic Bean is about half the size of modern varieties and the bean is covered in a black skin. 

This plant is associated with fertility and reincarnation. Look out for things that you thought dead and gone, or over and done with, reoccurring or re-entering your life. This could be a relationship that you thought was over, or a project that never saw the light of day. Be creative with your thoughts and feelings and bring them out into the open. 

Also be aware of any sensual or sexual thoughts and feelings at this time. The bean, as it sprouts is a phallic symbol, and the formed bean within the outer casing forms resembles an embryo. This card came up for me when I asked if I was pregnant with my last child so women reading this should take heed!

This card has a strong connection to the ancestors. Look at your life at present and how you are behaving. Are you replaying or re-enacting a family drama or way of thinking that serves no use in your life? If so be aware that this is something that you can personally let go of. Families often think in a collective way, or have traits that run through them because of one strong individual in their past. But we are all individuals and have the right to choose how we think and behave. Be your true self and drop anything that doesn’t represent you.

Beans have always provided nourishment and today you should look at all the ways that you can nourish yourself, be it physical, emotional of spiritual. What can you do to give yourself the things you need to grow, be strong and be healthy? Try and look at each area of your life where you are experiencing some difficulty and instead of trying to find an answer to the problem, look instead at how you can help yourself grow as a person. If we grow we often find that problems get left behind as you rise above them and they no longer hold importance.

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