Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Todays Reading - Maeve

Today’s card is from the Goddess Guidance Oracle by Doreen Virtue. The illustration is by Richard Hescox.

In his book, Yearning for the Wind, Tom Cowan has a chapter called ‘Queen Maeve’s Rules For Soul Making.’ This is the first paragraph.

Queen Maeve had three requirements for a husband. He was to be without fear, without jealousy and without stinginess. These are appropriate requirements for soul making as well. Speaking as the Goddess of Sovereignty, Maeve reminded Kings that to be her consort they would have to fearless warriors in defending the land. They would have to be tolerant of her many erotic relationships with other kings and chieftains whose authority and wisdom depended upon her good graces.Lastly they would have to be generous, for in Celtic society the king was expected to be the most generous man in the realm or tribe. Maeve expected a lot from her husband’s.

Maeve is a tough exponent of the Divine Feminine. She is here to help us become better people, but don’t expect her to be gentle. Maeve went through the rigours of woman hood and felt the pains as the moon cycles flowed within her connecting her to the land, sea and sky. She was quite willing to give her enemies this pain to enable her to beat them in battle. 

Maeve is not the gentle White Tara, she is the force of nature that runs through us all, as it runs through the earth, shaping all within her grasp with direct force. You cannot escape her clutches when she comes for you, just as a woman cannot escape the fact that her monthly cycles with their pains, emotional disturbances and imbalances, can be forgotten or erased. They are natural forces that connect her to this earth and give her the ability to create life. 

Maeve’s lesson, although tough, is very simple. You cannot fight the forces of nature. Like the King who lay with the Goddess of the land, you have to be willing to give up your wants to a greater power, to lay down your sword and not fight something that ultimately will never be beaten, and you have to give yourself over, not in defeat but in acceptance of what is and always will be the divine feminine that courses through each of us. You should not fear these acts for they will bring you courage, you should not look at another who has learnt this lesson with jealousy, because the gifts you will receive are far greater than any gift you could imagine, you should not hold on to your possessions thinking that you cannot live without them, for they are not you, they are not needed and they are not worthy of the person you will become if you let Maeve take you on the warriors soul quest.

To live a soulful life is simple. To live it well requires a warrior’s spirit. It requires the courage to let go and to allow your true self to come to the fore, stamina to keep you going through the hard battles of ego, strength of will in the face of adversity from yourself and others and faith that it is worthwhile. If you want to take the warrior’s road then Maeve is the Goddess to call upon. Remember that her lessons can be tough and she must be approached with true humility, but in return she will protect you and treat you as her favourite lover, bestowing the sweetest treasures of the soul.

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