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Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Todays Reading - Bast

Todays card was taken from the Goddess Guidance Deck by Doreen Virtue and the artwork for this card is by Sharon George.

Bast originated as an Egyptian sun goddess who protected cats and their owners, a sacred animal in Egypt because of their usefulness in keeping down rodents and disease. She also became popular in Greek and Roman cultures where she was worshipped as a moon Goddess. She is a very ancient female energy and today she has a message for us.

Bast would like us to consider today how we can be independent of others whilst still being sociable and live within a community or family unit. You may be feeling like you need to spend some time alone. This is fine as it gives you time to think, contemplate and know yourself. At the same time, in order to be happy we need to feel supported and loved by others, so try to balance your time between solitude and company.

For any relationship to work we need to feel that we have the freedom to be ourselves. We need to have the confidence to be independent while still living and interacting with others. We have to also be able to acknowledge and allow this freedom and independence in those we love. In this way we offer unconditional love to those around us. Today Bast asks us to make sure that this is the case in our lives. If you are living in a way that is not truly in line with who you are, you will never be truly happy. Resentments will build up and anger will fuel your energies. Your purpose in life will never have the chance to be fulfilled. You must also be aware of how you are treating others. Make sure you let the people you love be who they are, and not who you want them to be.

This same unconditional love should be applied to our relationship with our enviroment and our planet. If we allow the planet to exist in a form that is natural, filled with resource, to balance and protect itself and all upon it, the planet will allow us the freedom to learn what it means to be fully human. But if we carry on disrespecting the messages we are getting of imbalance, extinction of species, lack of resources and pollution, we may well find that we are treated with the same disregard!

Like a cat our freedom and independence give us a solid foundation to grow and be successful. Today examine how you balance your independence and freedom and make sure you are allowing others to do the same.

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