Tuesday, 28 June 2011

The Queen of Bows - Hare

My intention for this blog is to share with others my thoughts, insights and musings on the card decks I use for the readings on my site http://www.indigoreadings.co.uk

I want to find time to go into more depth on individual cards and choose a card of the day that everyone can work with. To do this I have thought for a long time what I should be asking of the cards. I know some people just pick a card and trust that it will be the right one, but I like to hold a thought in my mind. Words, whether thought of or spoken, are vibrations of energy and I feel that if you are putting out the correct energy you are more likely to receive the correct energy, or in this case answer to a question!
So I have decided to ask the following:
What energy is prevalent in the world today that people need to be aware of?

Holding this question at the fore front of my mind I picked a card from my newest deck, The Wildwood Tarot by Mark Ryan and John Matthews. I am finding myself drawn more and more to these cards, and indeed into there depths which are deep!
The card for today is The Queen of Bows - Hare.

I love this card. Hare's are associated with spring time, the time of renewal and re birth. They are associated with the Goddess and the feminine creative energy. 
Today is the beginning of a fertile time where your potential will be evident and within your grasp. You will find that you are supported in any efforts to begin new projects. The support will be of a loving, kind and gentle nature. Your cause will be understood by those around you.

I hope this card helps you today. Please come back for more readings!


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